Pickup Icons Lawrence, Lace Join Forces
Telecaster.com | September 4, 2009

Huntington Beach, CA - In a joint announcement today, guitar pickup design and manufacturing legend Bill Lawrence announced that his company has teamed up with Lace Music Products to build all current and future Lawrence-designed guitar pickups at the Lace factory in Huntington Beach, California. Effective immediately, Lawrence's current Keystone and Wilde guitar pickup products, as well as subsequent Bill Lawrence designs, will be built and shipped from the Lace facility under the direct supervision of the Bill and Becky Lawrence and the Lace Music Products, who anticipate meaningfull improvements in responsiveness, quality control, shipping and delivery time.

Bill Lawrence stated that, "It's been some fourteen years since we first discussed working together with Jeff and Don Lace - we have always had so much in common. While most of our industry has been focused on merely recreating the past, we've both both been working on new, original ideas to advance the art and science of the pickup. Over the years, we've developed a close friendship and mutual respect based on our common principles, but until now the time for a joint venture never seemed quite right."

"Given my current health issues," Lawrence continued, "Becky and I maintaining our own production facility was no longer feasible, and a partnership with our old friends has become the logical way for me to continue my design work and bring my latest ideas to fruition. I simply can't imagine better manufacturing and marketing partners than the Lace family and their team - both companies have established their own unique places in the market, each with very different design and marketing approaches that I'm sure we can maintain side by side into the future. It's a classic win-win situation for us, our distribution channels, and the pickup buying public." Jeff Lace, who has succeeded his late father Don Lace Sr., as Lace's lead designer, said, "This is a remarkable opportunity for our companies - not only will we continue making the best pickups on the market today, but we'll also be expanding our product portfolio with more original designs that are unlike anything else available."

Both Lawrence and Lace hold numerous technology patents in the pickup arena, with Lawrence's design work dating back some 60 years including historic stints with giants like Gibson, Framus, and a virtual who's who of the guitar industry, and Jeff Lace following in the footsteps of his father's unique "Fender-Lace Sensor" design dating from the early 1980s. More recently, Jeff has created Lace's Holy Grail® and Alumitone pickup technologies, both featuring zero noise and full-range bandwidth. Lawrence, known for decades as the industry's most dynamic and knowledgeable pickup designer, is responsible for the SCN (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless) line of pickups currently offered by Fender both in their prestigious American Deluxe guitars and basses and as popular aftermarket upgrades.

"Bill has established a great legacy of design innovation that we will honor and continue just as we've carried on our father's wishes and aspirations," Jeff Lace declared, "We've been looking forward to working with Bill and Becky for a very long time - and together we have so many exciting ideas that we can't wait to bring to the market!" Don Lace enthusiastically pointed out good omens for the new venture by noting, "This year marks Lace's 30th anniversary - and what a way to celebrate our success, with the introduction of our new Helix bass and guitar plus this monumental new pickup partnership happening simultaneously. This is going to be a truly exciting year for us and the industry!"

The sales and distribution approach for Lawrence products is currently being finalized, with a detailed announcement expected shortly. No changes in the established distribution channel for Lace products are planned.
More information on Lawrence is available via www.wildepickups.com and www.billlawrence.com or by calling 951-371-1494. For Lace®, visit www.lacemusic.com or call 800-575-LACE.