An illustrated guide to the Atomic Bombs
Ryan Crierie

"A Second Kiss for Hirohito!" signed by Rear Admiral W.R. Purnell, USN on the side of Fat Man.

The completed Fat Man device is being lowered/checked over on it's transport dolly for the trip to the airfield.

Bomb Loading

The completed bomb was then towed towards the airfield under cover with an escort.

It's destination? One of two bomb pits constructed on Tinian.

Pit Number One Today. This pit was used to load Little Boy onto the Enola Gay. Identification was accomplished by historians from studying photographs of the bomb loading sequences and comparing the bolt holes in the photographs to the pits today.

Pit Number Two today. It was used to load Fat Man onto Bocks' Car.

Preliminary pit alignment was proceeded with.

The Bomb and it's dolley were then manually pushed towards the pit.

The device's alignment was checked over by eye and hand.

The towing cable was then disconnected from the dolley as MPs kept watch.

The device was then raised up on a hydraulic lift and the metal gutters which guided it over the pit were removed.

Once it was aligned with the pit, the device was then lowered down.

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